The Nile River

The Nile river stretches thousands of miles fromm Northern Africa on south, across deserts and through Cairo Egypt, providing a life giving source of sustenance to a plethora of ecosystems. It is listed as the single longest river in the world, with two main tributaries adding to its beauty and size, the White and Blue Nile. The Blue Nile provides most of the river its water and mass, with its life giving soil, while the white tributary is the longer of the two. The majority of the populated areas, minus a few coastal cities are built upon the banks of the northern section of this river. The entire country of Egypt itself has depended on the Nile river for its existence since ancient times. Flowing northward, it ends in a delta that empties out into the Mediterranean sea.

The Nile currently in Africa is one of 5 rivers that has flowed north out of Sudan since ancient times. Many an era has seen the source of the waters become obscured, or the pathway it takes totally obstructed or changed, creating a completely new river system. People throughout ancient times as well were perpetually trying to find the source of the Nile and its life giving qualities, but even the Greeks and Romans were unable to penetrate that far to discover the course of the flowing water.

It had mystique, it was a seemingly never ending flow of water that expanded beyond the horizon. It solely kept thousands of years of the Egyptian civilizations alive and strong, being considered one of the greatest empires known to man. And, still, to this day explorers are constantly desiring to find more and more about the source of the river itself. Documentaries and films by explorers and companies are periodically filmed still, all in the quest to discover every last bit of knowledge about this ancient giver of life, known as the Nile river. Maybe someday, we will know it all. But, that’s also what humanity has been saying about this rivers mysteries since the dawn of time.

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